Help Page: Linking to Newspaper Articles

On the FOOT website we have provided links to historical newspaper articles from the database. Links to historical newspaper articles on the FOOT website will not work properly unless you are logged onto This online newspaper database can be accessed by purchasing a subscription to their services. However, you can also access through free access portals at public libraries and institutions throughout the United States.

Steps for free access to

Step 1: If you have a Madison Public Library membership card, you can obtain free access to through their free portal on the Madison Public Library website by clicking on the following link:

A Madison Public Library login screen for should open.

Step 2: Enter the barcode number on your library card and login to the website.

Step 3: You should now be able to go back to the FOOT website and click on historical newspaper article links for to access those newspaper articles.

If you do not live in the Madison area check with your local public library anywhere in the United States to see if they or other public institutions in your area offer free access to